History is in the Making

Rob Dupre, our head brewer was set a challenge back in early 2017 – create something new, brew something exciting! Throw out the text books, write a new recipe and think outside the box, quite a challenge and one which Rob has relished over the next 12 months.

Let the Brewing Begin

Let the Brewing Begin

Rob has brewed over a million gallons of quality cask ale in his career to date, dependable regular favourites, one off seasonal brews with a twist and has even turned his hand to lager production.

All the qualifications needed to set upon the mammoth task of brewing a Premium Craft Beer with a difference.

Our Story

Would it be a lager or an ale, will we keg it or cask it? Carbonated or not, serve chilled or at cask ale temperature?

Let the brewing begin and it did in earnest, firstly with the equipment and ingredient readily to hand. The result, too traditional, already been done, much like every other craft beer.

So, Rob went on the hunt, not only for new ingredients but new equipment. His thinking, how to merge cask beer flavour and depth of body with low carbonation and something you could enjoy chilled.

The Magic Ingredients

Our brewery at Stakes Farm in Upham has one very unique and priceless natural resource, our own bore-hole. 60m below the South Downs, Hampshire we extract the cleanest, clearest chalk-purified water you could care to drink, Rob knew this was a key ingredient for his new beer.

Our Story
Our Story
Our Story

UB5 Is Born

Rob created numerous tasting samples during the Spring of 2017 - the process was like watching a head chef perfect a new signature dish- and finally in May Rob proudly presented his masterpiece.

Many sampled the new brew, all with the same resounding response – fantastic, how have you created this? Male, female, twenty or sixty, lager drinker or cask ale drinker, all appreciated this new, exciting beer, a rare sight to behold.

Now, what to call this new beer - there was one common theme, the number 5! The recipe requires 5 hops, 5 malts, it takes 5 weeks to mature, is 5% ABV and is best served at 5C. It was really that simple in the end, UB5 (Upham Brewery 5) was born.

Craft Beer: A beer made in a traditional or non-mechanized way by a small brewery.

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