A Unique Craft Beer

Our premium craft beer is a powerful combination of 5 Malts and 5 Hops matured over 5 Weeks, brewed to 5% ABV and best served at 5 Degrees C.

Our 5 Malts

Our 5 Malts

Maris Otter (UK) – flavoursome and reliable light biscuit malt, popular with craft brewers

Venture Pale Ale (UK) – pale yellow grain gives a pleasant malt aroma and slightly sweet malt flavour

Cara Gold (UK) – very low in colour, adds malt, fruit and toffee notes. Increases body and gives a softer, rounder mouthfeel

Cara Pils (German) - adds to the fullness of the beer, hints of smooth caramel, improves the body and significantly enhances head retention

Crystal 100 (UK) – gives a sweet, malty flavour and a light golden hue. Improves head retention and beer stability.

Our 5 Hops

Our 5 Hops

Magnum (German) – Renowned for its smooth bittering value and consistent quality.

Target (UK) – Intense aromas of fresh sage, cedar, even hints of citrus marmalade and a spicy undertone in flavour. Excellent bittering profile, sharp and assertive.

Summit (USA) – Boasts a strong unique aroma of tangerine, grapefruit and orange. Popular as a dependable, stable bittering hop, especially when used as a late hop edition.

Cascade (USA) – an exquisite aroma hop; inhale citrus fruits and hints of spice. Cascade truly imparts a unique character in to the finished beer.

Ella (Australian) – An intriguing hop variety, its character can change depending on where in the brew process it is added. Ella holds its own with any robust malt and conveys a decidedly tropical flavour with hints of apricot.

Matured for 5 Weeks

Matured for 5 Weeks

Perfection takes time.

Carefully combining two different yeast strains, each selected for their smooth, soft flavour and preferred operating temperature.

We add a little pure oxygen and essential nutrients to help it grow and the clock begins to tick.

Two full weeks in our cold fermenter, held very carefully at the optimum temperature of 18c – 20C. A higher temperature than lager production requires but lower than cask ales.

The UB5 is then transferred to our conditioning vessels for a further three weeks, this provides the time necessary for all those ingredients to fuse, become one and UB5 is ready to enjoy.

Brewed to 5% ABV

Brewed to 5% ABV

Brewed as a Premium Craft Beer without the high ABV so commonly associated with Craft Beers.

The flavour, aroma and colour of UB5 is achieved by the harmony of ingredients and unique brewing process, not by increasing the ABV.

Enjoy at 5°C

Enjoy at 5°C

To enjoy the powerful and complex combination of the 5 hops and 5 malts serve UB5 at 5c or 41F.

Simply put, this is the optimum temperature to maintain excellent flavour and good carbonation levels which both complement the fresh, clean, crisp flavours of UB5.

UB5 has been brewed to allow for the perfect mouthfeel, substantial body and full complexity of flavours to open up without the need for high levels of carbonation or a serving temperature in excess of 5C.

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